Social Events

Doing Life Together

At Jubilee we love to do life, have fun and spend time together as family. We love to meet up to socialise and deepen friendships. Here is where you will find the social events we have planned.

On Tuesday 10th July the Young People from our Live Sound Take 2 project took to the stage and wowed hundreds of people!

22 young people were involved in putting on the show which included performances of a variety of songs from the Greatest Showman to Titantium, Wings (Little Mix) to Smells like teen spirit (Nirvana)

The young people sang, performed, played instruments, operated the sound & lighting desk and stage managed the whole evening with the support of their tutors and youth workers.

Over 230 people attended and the response to the event has been amazing!

Please note that all children attending any of our social events remain the responsibility of their parent / carers at all times. 

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