fullsizerenderEric and Pat Whittaker

Eric is married to Pat and they have two grown up children and five grandcEric and Pat Whittakerhildren.

Eric and Pat are the Senior Leaders of the church. They seek to see salvation come to Grantham and the surrounding villages. They also have a heart for the nations and this has lead to actively working with those from other nations both here and abroad.

Eric meets every week to pray with the other leaders in the town and is keen to see the Kingdom of God come into the local community.


Wiktor and Sandy Zbrzezniak

Wiktor and Sandy have been happily married since their early twenties. They have four cWiktor and Sandyhildren, two who are now young adults and two teenagers.

They have been in leadership at Jubilee since it’s earliest days.

They both share a teaching ministry and jointly head up the teaching team. They have successfully led house groups
for many years. Sandy has pioneered the Sunday School at Jubilee and now leads the ladies fellowship.

Wiktor has a heart for evangelism. He has led Healing on the Streets in Grantham and is now committed to the evangelistic outpouring of The Turning.

They both desire to see believers trained equipped and empowered to achieve their full potential in God, seeing heaven released on earth.

Wiktor coordinates Barnabas Fellowship of Churches International Team.

They are both graduates of Barnabas School of Supernatural Ministry.

Russel and Nicci Whittaker

Russel and Nicci are husband and wife and have three young children. Together they contribute to the leadership and daily workings of Jubilee Church Life Centre. As a couple they have a heart to see revival come by loving people just as Christ loves them and have a heart to connect with families and young people.

Nicci works full time as the Centre Manager organising the daily running, administration and teams within the Centre and church. Nicci also oversees a number of events and projects within the Centre.

Russel currently works as a builder/ joiner and a large proportion of his time is spent renovating the Centre. Russel meets weekly to pray with other church leaders within the town. He is keen to see the Kingdom of God impact the local community.

Homer and Hannah San JoseHomer and Hannah San Jose

Homer and Hannah are married and have two young children. They are part of the leadership at Jubilee.

Homer enjoys taking photos and has used this gifting within the church.

Hannah has a heart for worship and leads the worship team. She also has a heart for young children and runs a toddler group within the church.

They also lead a house group within their home each week.

Jaimie and Vicky Lord

Jaimie and Vicky are married and have two young children.Jaimie and Vicky Lord

Jaimie and Vicky have a heart for church and our local community. Jaimie is currently involved in the worship team.

Vicky has pioneered a work with the traveller community.

They have also worked with the youth within the church.